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Lynnfield Public Library

Sidewalk Service

We are excited to announce that we launched Sidewalk Service on June 9, 2020. It’s been a long few months, and we have been eager to get materials to, and provide additional services for, our wonderful patrons. The hours scheduled for Sidewalk Service are currently 4-7 Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10-12 on Saturdays. There will be no Sidewalk Service on Saturday, July 4 due to the holiday.

How it Works:

Step 1: Request your items. You may place Lynnfield items on hold through our catalog, call us at 781-334-5411, email us at lfd@noblenet.org, or fill out this form. Only items with an “Available” status at Lynnfield can be retrieved at this time and we cannot get items from other libraries. We are currently limiting this service to five items per library card. Multiple family members? You may request five items per card, and pick them all up at the same time.

Step 2: Wait for us to contact you for a pickup time! We will fill your orders as quickly as we can, while maintaining careful social distancing in the library. Staff are wearing masks, we are limiting the number of people involved in the process internally to reduce the number of touch points on the materials.

Step 3: At your designated time, park in the parking lot, and pick up your materials on the sidewalk in front of the library. We will have tables set up and you will walk up, give us your name, and then step back.  A staff member will retrieve your bag and place it on the table then step back. You can then grab your bag and take it home to enjoy. We ask that you wear a mask when you pick up your materials.  Please be mindful of your neighbors and maintain at least six feet from each other during this process. If you have set up an appointment and start feeling ill, please do not come and pick up your books. Call us and we will hold them for you until you are feeling better.

Step 4: If you have items you’d like to return, you may return them during the designated Sidewalk Service times. Please place your items in the red bins set up on a table at the top of the front steps. We will be quarantining all items prior to check-in for up to two weeks. Please be aware that the items will remain on your account until the quarantine period is over. There will be no late fines during this period. We CANNOT take donated materials at this point.

We hope to increase the service once we get started and can evaluate the process. Does another time work better for you? Let us know. Can’t make it to the library at all? Let us know and we can try to make other arrangements.

As we launch this program, we are being cautious and safe. A few of our measures include staggered shifts for staff so fewer people are working alongside each other, rearranging work spaces and changing work procedures so that people can practice social distancing, and staff are wearing masks and self-monitoring their health before coming into the building.

If you have any concerns, comments, or need assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 781-334-5411 or email us at lfd@noblenet.org and we will get in touch as quickly as we can.


Can I get books from other libraries? Not at this time. Only those items that are available at Lynnfield can be retrieved at this time.

What if I can’t pick up my items at the scheduled time? Let us know as soon as possible and we will hold on to your items and reschedule your pickup. If you are feeling unwell at the time of pickup, please don’t come get your books. Call us to reschedule, we will hold onto items until you are feeling better.

How can I get a library card?
If you need a library card, you may email us at lfd@noblenet.org with the following information: full name, street address, telephone number, email address, and birthdate. We will then issue you a library card number and PIN, which will allow you to access our online services that require a card, and request items to be picked up during Sidewalk Service hours.

How can I get a pin #?
If you need a new pin #, you may email us at lfd@noblenet.org with your name and library card number and we will issue you a temporary one.

Can I come into the Library? No, the building remains closed at this time.

Can I return items if I don’t need to pick up items? You may return items during Sidewalk Service hours ONLY. If you are only dropping off items, you do not need an appointment. We ask that you wear a mask and maintain proper social distancing. Place your items in the red bins at the top of the front steps. The items will be quarantined and remain on your account during the quarantine process.

Is the Library accepting donations? At this time we CANNOT accept item donations.