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Many museum passes are back! We currently have three types:

  1. Completely Digital – these passes require no pick up at the Library. Reserve your passes online and then using the promo code provided during the reservation process to purchase tickets through the museum website.
  2. Single-Use Dated Passes – these passes require you to pick up a coupon pass at the Library after reserving the pass online. Once you pick up the pass, follow the instructions to purchase tickets through the museum website or over the phone.
  3. Returnable Passes – these passes require you to pick up a physical pass at the Library after reserving the pass online. You must return the pass after using it.


We are continuing to work on expanding our pass offerings even further, please check back soon for more details.

About our Passes

  • About Our Passes

    The Lynnfield Public Library is pleased to offer – through the generosity of the Friends of the Library – a number of passes that waive or reduce admission to local museums and attractions. Each pass is unique in its admission savings, so please view the museum information below to find out more about offerings and savings.

    We hope you enjoy taking advantage of our Museum Pass Program when visiting area museums and attractions.  Our passes saved patrons over $27,000 in admission fees in 2019 alone!  If you have any suggestions on how to improve the program, or ideas for other museums or attractions you’d like to see included, please contact the Head of Circulation at 781.334.5411.

    Disclaimer: We are unable to compensate patrons for any inconvenience or expense resulting from problems such as scheduling conflicts, the late return of passes, or changes in museum hours and information. We advise you to verify museum hours before making plans. Additionally, some museums have instituted processing fees in addition to the ticket prices listed below.

  • Making Reservations

    Any patron with a valid NOBLE library card may reserve a museum pass through the Lynnfield Library.  Patrons with PIN numbers (or passwords) used to log into their accounts online may check availability, reserve passes, and change reservations using our online system (use links to the left).  To obtain a PIN number, you must call or email the Library (lfdcirc@noblenet.org). Coupon passes may also be reserved by calling the Library at 781.334.5411. Please have your Library card number ready when you call.

    Passes are reserved on a first-come basis and available only to the person who reserved the pass for that day.  Please notify the Library immediately if you will be unable to use a reserved pass so that we may make that pass available to another patron.  Failure to pick up reserved museum passes will result in a temporary block from making reservations.

    Please note: For completely digital passes, you will be prompted to use a promo code to buy a ticket online. You must then reserve a time to visit your chosen museum through their ticketing system. Your printed reservation confirmation is not valid for museum admission.

  • Pass Pick-ups & Returns

    Printable passes should be downloaded or printed at home. If you do not have access to a printer you may call the library to arrange a pickup of your printed pass and museum tickets.  Some of our passes are disposable coupons that are collected by the museums or promo codes and do not need to be returned to the Library.  Due to the need to purchase tickets in advance, Library coupon passes may be picked up multiple days in advance.

    A handful of passes are reusable and circulate for a 1-day period, after which they need to be returned to the Library so they are ready for the next patron. Circulating passes may be returned in the outdoor return bins if they are packed in the yellow canvas pouch provided at the time of checkout.

Passes (click on an icon for more information about each museum)