The gift : 12 lessons to save your life by Eger, Edith Eva
The weirdest  people in the world : how the West became psychologically peculiar and particularly prosperous. by Henrich, Joseph Patrick
Opening to grief : finding your way from loss to peace by Willis, Claire B.
Total meditation by Chopra, Deepak
Keep moving : notes on loss, creativity, and change by Smith, Maggie
Forgiving what you can
Paper bullets : two artists who risked their lives to defy the Nazis by Jackson, Jeffrey H.
Twilight of the Gods : War in the Western Pacific, 1944-1945 by Toll, Ian W.
The iron sea : how the Allies hunted and destroyed Hitler
Battle of brothers : William & Harry--the inside story of a family in tumult by Lacey, Robert.
Conversations with myself by Mandela, Nelson
Tecumseh and the prophet : the Shawnee brothers who defied a nation by Cozzens, Peter
Buried in the bitter waters : the hidden history of racial cleansing in America by Jaspin, Elliot.
Sundown towns : a hidden dimension of American racism by Loewen, James W
My grandmother
All Eyes Are Upon Us : Race and Politics from Boston to Brooklyn by Sokol, Jason
Freedom summer : the savage season that made Mississippi burn and made America a democracy by Watson, Bruce
Writings by Du Bois, W. E. B.
American slavery, American freedom : the ordeal of colonial Virginia by Morgan, Edmund S.
Catching the wind : Edward Kennedy and the liberal hour by Gabler, Neal
Speaking for myself : faith, freedom, and the fight of our lives inside the Trump White House by Sanders, Sarah Huckabee
Donald Trump v. the United States : inside the struggle to stop a president by Schmidt, Michael S.
Trial by fire : a devastating tragedy, a hundred lives lost, and a fifteen-year search for truth by James, Scott
NBA 75 : the definitive history by Zarum, Dave
The dynasty by Benedict, Jeff.
Monopolies suck : 7 ways big corporations rule your life and how to take back control by Hubbard, Sally  (Antitrust expert)
Launching while female : smashing the system that holds women entrepreneurs back by Althoff, Susanne
Microsoft Teams for dummies by Withee, Rosemarie
We should all be feminists by Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
Where law ends : inside the Mueller investigation by Weissmann, Andrew
Conversations with RBG : Ruth Bader Ginsburg on life, love, liberty, and law by Rosen, Jeffrey
Who gets in and why : a year inside college admissions by Selingo, Jeffrey J.
Another kind of public education : race, the media, schools, and democratic possibilities by Hill Collins, Patricia
The heart of a woman : the life and music of Florence B. Price by Brown, Rae Linda
Levon : from down in the Delta to the birth of The Band and beyond by Tooze, Sandra B.
The woman who stole Vermeer : the true story of Rose Dugdale and the Russborough House art heist by Amore, Anthony M.
The interior design handbook : furnish, decorate, and style your space by Ramstedt, Frida
Greenlights by McConaughey, Matthew
Always young and restless : my life on and off America
Shadow and act by Ellison, Ralph.
Flying home and other stories by Ellison, Ralph.
Going to the territory by Ellison, Ralph.
The best of me by Sedaris, David
Weird earth : debunking strange ideas about our planet by Prothero, Donald R.
Owls of the eastern ice : a quest to find and save the world
12 principles for raising a child with ADHD by Barkley, Russell A.
How to grow your dinner without leaving the house by Ratinon, Claire.
Humans by Stanton, Brandon
In Bibi
Instant family meals : delicious dishes from your slow cooker, pressure cooker, multicooker, and instant pot by Copeland, Sarah.