OverDrive Authentication

overdriveVery recently there have been questions from our patrons about who can download eBooks from OverDrive.  We’d like to explain what happened.

Before all the NOBLE libraries moved to Evergreen, our new computer system, in May 2012, if you were NOT a resident in a town or city that was one of the NOBLE libraries, you could NOT access OverDrive.  For example, if you were a resident of Manchester-by-the-Sea, but still had a Lynnfield card, you could not use NOBLE’s OverDrive service.  That is the way it should be.  The reason is each library system (NOBLE, MVLC, etc) contracts with OverDrive and purchases eBooks for their library system’s collection.  The cost is spread among all the libraries in the system.

Unfortunately, an error occurred during the transition in May 2012 and this error has created confusion and frustration.  All of a sudden patrons who lived outside of the NOBLE library community had access to OverDrive the same as a resident of a NOBLE library.  They’ve been able to do that since last May.  NOBLE – working with Evergreen – has corrected this error and OverDrive will no longer allow non-NOBLE community resident who hold a NOBLE library card access to the OverDrive service.

Fortunately, many other library systems in the Commonwealth provide access to OverDrive through their own library system.  If you live in North Reading, Hamilton or Wilmington, for example, you can access downloadable eBooks and audiobooks from OverDrive by simply logging in through your home-town library’s website.  We apologize for the confusion and frustration this has caused.

Please call the reference desk at 781.334.5411 if you have any additional questions.